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Jane Ballard, Photographic artist

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Carthage, Missouri, fireworks, Fourth of July, courthouse, square

Like Most Photographers, I have THOUSANDS of Images on my Computer

In the following galleries, you will see some of MY favorite images!  If YOU are looking for something in particular, just send me an email and ask!  There's a good chance that I have photographed whatever it is you are looking for, especially if it's something in the Four State area!  The images shown in my galleries below are in a square format (for the web site) but are actually larger than what is shown.  Email me if you would like to see the full image perspective before ordering!  jane at janeballard dot com 

Pricing for Prints and Canvases

Prints and Canvases are from a nationally known professional print lab.  Prints are mounted on double weight mat and come ready to frame.  Canvases are printed on archival-grade canvas, have tight wrapped folded corners, and come with finished backs with the wire ready to hang.  Shipping is FREE and will be shipped directly to you from the print lab.

8" x 10" Print - $35

8" x 10" Canvas - $199

8" x 12" Print - $38

8" x 12" Canvas - $199

10" x 13" Print - $40

10" x 15" Print - $45

12" x 18" Print - $65

12" x 18" Canvas - $269

16" x 20" Print - $99

16" x 20" Canvas - $319

16" x 24" Print - $129

16" x 24" Canvas - $349

Price includes sales tax of 7.2%.

Transportation - Trains, Cars, Route 66


Flowers and Nature

Lakes, Rivers, and Ponds


Buildings, Bridges, Barns, and Other Structures

Photomosaico Gallery

Photomosaico is the art of layering multiple copies of the same image, all hand cut, to give the image a three dimensional look.  Spacers, like those used in scrapbooking, are used to separate the layers.  Due to the time involved in creating each Photomosaico piece, the price is on a per-image basis and will be quoted individually when ordered.  Most Photomosaico pieces are 8x10 in overall print size and will come framed in a shadow box.  No two Photomosaico pieces are alike.